I am the Other

Participatory performance
Torun, Poland

Revisiting Lygia Clark therapy practice

I am the Other was a series of performances that revisited Lygia Clark’s Estruturacao do Self.

Started at the end of the 1970s, “Estruturacao do Self” defined the last artistic phase of the Brazilian artist Clark. For that project, she interacted with her “patients” by placing different objects on their bodies.

During a residency at CoCA in Torun (Poland), “I am the Other” revisited and revised Clark’s “Estruturacao do Self” by performing a series of experimental actions using tactics of appropriation, derivation, and reinterpretation. It also dealt with the local and urban context of Torun by producing objects in-situ, and inviting the city’s inhabitants to participate in these “therapy” sessions. The intention was to explore the ambivalence of some concepts relating to art, as well as social sciences, such as the readymade, authorship, the spectator-performer, alienation, and rationality-intuition.

“Accept the provisional nature of things for the process can never stop”
Letter of Lygia Clark to her son, around 1970

I am the Other generated multiple layers of interconnecting issues, such as simultaneous movements of repulsion and attraction. An inner struggle was produced as I sought to define my artistic practice in relation to Clark’s; I attempted to become her, while needing to be myself. In addition, my relation with the participants during the sessions was suffused with physical manifestations of emotions such as love, joy, sensuality, anger, fear and humiliation; the work itself was circumscribed by shifting borders, opening a space for unresolved categorizations.


The project was produced by the Centre of Contemporary Art Znaki Czasu (CoCA) in Torun (Poland), curated by Joanna Zielinska. Thanks to the participants, the Conseil des Art du Canada and the staff of CoCA.

I am the Other (2009), revisiting Lygia Clark’s psychotherapy practice

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