Liquid Immersion (Jordan): Laboratory Processing Real

Collaborative performance
Shatana, Jordan

Becoming a Bedouin shepherd

An ongoing socio-cultural research into the life of a Bedouin shepherd for a period of time.

This creative laboratory explores the boundaries between life and art. It consists in the artist’s complete immersion in the material conditions of a Bedouin shepherd in Shatana, a small village in Jordan.

I immerge myself in the life of others and the way in which it is dictated by their environment, giving myself over. Through my relation with the participant, based on empathy and dialogue, I question their gestures, attitudes, words and environment in an attempt at communion and identification. For the participants, the experiment generates disruption, self-questioning and confusion regarding their roles as a an individual within a social frame, as well as a spectator, but also creator of the performance.

By activating the body and the intuitive, the visual and the affect, the project searches to transform reality and to create symbolic spaces that generate individual, social and political forms of subversion.


Liquid Immersion (Jordan) was presented in:

The Recipe: Making Latin American Art in Canada
Curators: Analays Alvarez and Daymi Coll
October 18-December 01, 2018
Sur Gallery, 100-39 Queens Quay East, Toronto, Canada


Liquid Immersion (Jordan) was initiated in Shatana International Artist Workshop by Makan Art Space (Amman, JO), an art center run collectively by Ola El­Khalidi, Samah Hijawi and Diala Khasawnih between 2003-2015. A catalogue documenting the workshop was produced.

Liquid Immersion (Jordan, 2010), becoming a Bedouin shepherd

Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Exhibition
  3. Credits