The Future Behind US

Collaborative performance and film
Kinshasa, DRC

A collective creation that took place in Kinshasa (DRC).

The Future Behind Us documents the process of producing a science-fiction film with a group of young artists in Kinshasa (DRC). The project explores questions of time, past and present, and collective forms of creation.

The premise is simple: make a science fiction feature film in three weeks with a group of young Congolese artists, without funding and, for the most part, without an experienced crew or cast. The collaborative adventure culminates in the sci-fi pilot Perinium, a film telling the story of Zai, a young girl who must save the world in the year 3010 with a product called Perinium, a glowing-green substance that has the power to save the world.

The Future Behind Us aimed to stimulate collective forms of creation by engaging all of the film’s cast and crew according to principles of horizontality, interdependence and transparency during the film’s production; to develop a local structure of artistic self-production by making use of our own financial resources and refusing funding from NGOs; and to create a social utopia by taking on the challenge of producing a film in such a short time and with limited resources.

The project The Future Behind Us was initiated by Romeo Gongora, following an invitation from Kin Art Studio, a cultural platform created in 2011 in Kinshasa by the artist Vitshois Mwilambwe Bondo.

The film Perinium

Perinium screenplay was chosen from a wide selection of entries in a writing competition for science-fiction stories organized by Romeo Gongora in the spring in Kinshasa; the winning entry was then adapted into the film by two members of the team, Asia Nyembo and Serge Basila. The local media – newspapers and radio stations – created a lot of hype about the launch of the pilot, which was showcased in a public projection on the terrace of a Kinshasa bar. In making this film, Gongora, along with the cast and crew, had the chance to experience the realities of current Congolese life (political, economic, cultural) as a world of science fiction. The team proclaimed the finished product to be the first science-fiction film ever produced by and in the DRC. The film Perinium was included in the exhibition Telling Time, curated by Bisi Silva, as part of the Rencontres de Bamako, African Biennale of Photography 2015.

The film Perinium was produced by Kin ArtStudio (DRC) and made by: Monica Toiliye, Glody Buhendwa, Asaph Kyalondawa, Serge Basila, Erick Okele Baya, Flory Sinanduku, Pagna Bula Bula, Joska Kayembe, Giselle Mayanga, Deogracias Kihalu, Romeo Gongora, Bob Kayambe, Dorcas Kazamwali, Cepha Dunia Kazamwali, Melissa Mwenyemali, Prospero Ndoko, Michel Benito, Asia Nyembo, Serge Basila, Tshisekedi Mutambayi, Isaac Sahani, Diamas Diakota, Moise Kasongo, Ange Swana, Baras Benito, Nabu Zengo, Nelson Makengo, Gloire Ndoko Swana, Bob Mukendi, Michel Ekeba, Daril Miela, Melissa Mwenyemali and Moise Mulumba.


A publication documenting the project and film was created for the exhibition The Future Behind Us at Truck, Contemporary Art Gallery (Calgary, CA) from March 24 to May 13, 2017.

?? pages
16cm × 21cm
Format: Paperback
ISBN: ??

Credits for the film Perinium

Collective team

Monica Toiliye as Zai
Glody Buhendwa as Minzo
Asaph Kyalondawa as The President
Serge Basila as the secret agent Bzzz
Erick Okele Baya as the secret agent Mabe
Flory Sinanduku as the secret agent Mibeko
Pagna Bula Bula as the sorcerer Yakee
Joska Kayembe as the sorcerer Petrous
Giselle Mayanga as Zai’s Aunt

Deogracias Kihalu
Bob Kayambe
Dorcas Kazamwali
Cepha Dunia Kazamwali
Melissa Mwenyemali
Prospero Ndoko
Michel Benito

Asia Nyembo
Serge Basila

Scenario inspired by:
“Perinium” of Didier Matondo Bibimbu
“Etoko” of K2050

Serge Basila
Tshisekedi Mutambayi

Casting Director:
Isaac Sahani
Deogracias Kihalu

Serge Basila
Asia Nyembo

Director of Photography:
Deogracias Kihalu
Romeo Gongora

Art Director:
Asia Nyembo
Diamas Diakota
Moise Kasongo

Set Director:
Asia Nyembo
Moise Kasongo
Diamas Diakota


Costume Designer:
Ange Swana
Deogracias Kihalu
Diamas Diakota

Lighting Technician:
Bob Kayembe
Baras Benito

Make-up Artist:
Ange Swana

Location Manager:
Collective team

Film Editor:
Nabu Zengo
Nelson Makengo

Camera Operator:
Nelson Makengo
Gloire Ndoko Swana

Sound Designer:
Nabu Zengo
Nelson Makengo

Michel Ekeba
Flory Sinanduku

Visual Effects Editor:
Daril Miela

Composer and Music Crew:
Melissa Mwenyemali
Moise Mulumba
Asaph Kyalondawa
Tshisekedi Mutambayi
Isaac Sahani

Collective team

Executive Producer:
Kin ArtStudio
Academy of Fine Arts Kinshasa

General Board:
Isaac Sahani
Erick Okele Baya
Asia Nyembo

Thanks to:
Kinshasa Academy of Fine Arts (DG Patrick Misasi), Vitshois Mwilambwe, Patrick Nzazi, Sylvain Nzuzi, Pathy Tshindele, Moise Kasongo, Junior Nyembwe, Cultural Center Meko, Mboka Mboka.

The Future Behind Us (2013), making a collective sci-fi film

Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. The film Perinium
  3. Catalogue
  4. Credits